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Information for Symposium Proposals :

  1. The title of Symposium.

  2. One or Two Chairpersons.

  3. Three or four speakers (If possible, we will be grateful if gender equilibrium is reached for chairpersons and speakers).The total duration of a symposium will be 90 min.

  4. A brief description of the Symposium content.

  5. Deadline for proposals: 15th April, 2020.

  6. Please send to ztsj@cdutcm.edu.cn ; tangyong@cdutcm.edu.cn

  7. A decision on the acceptance or refusal of a proposal will be sent to the applicant until May 15,2020.


    • Symposium proposals: until 15th April, 2020

    • Early registration: until 31st May, 2020

    • Abstracts submission: until 31st May, 2020

    • Late registration: from 1st June, 2020